Buying or Selling a Home?
Earn Centre Holidays Travel Rewards when using the All-Purpose Realty Referral Service!

All-Purpose Realty is excited to join the CENTRE HOLIDAYS TRAVEL REWARD PROGRAM. It is refreshing to see a travel reward program that doesn’t restrict the traveler to a specific airline or destination or have blackout periods. Most of us are busy in our lives, as are our family members. We normally want to travel at peak periods when other reward programs may have blackouts or charge a premium on your reward earnings. Centre Holidays Travel Reward Certificates have the same value all year.

All-Purpose Realty is a leading national real estate referral service in Canada. We are a real estate brokerage, but we don’t trade in real estate, that is you won’t see our for sale signs on your lawn. We refer our clients to real estate agents from well -known firms. We match our clients with a local real estate agent based on their needs and then with your permission we have the agent contact you directly.

If you use the agent we refer to buy and/or sell a home and complete a transaction, you will be entitled to receive Centre Holidays Gift Certificates. If you don’t like the agent we refer for any reason, you are not obligated to use this agent provided you don’t sign anything. In such cases we can refer you to another agent. We have an excellent track record in making the right match based on the input you give us on our first call. We do stay with you through the entire sale and purchase process as your input is valuable to us in making future referrals or in keeping the agent on track.

The value of the Centre Holidays Travel Gift Certificate will vary based on the value of your real estate transaction. The reward value is $30 per each $10,000 increment in home sale and/or purchase value.

For Example:

  • Sell a home for $400,000 and receive a $1200 Centre Holidays Travel Gift Certificate
  • Buy a home for $500,000 and receive a $1500 Centre Holidays Travel Gift Certificate

Total earnings in this example are $2700 in Centre Holidays Travel Gift Certificates. You could now be on your way to your dream vacation. Certificates will be sent to you on-line within 30-45 days following the possession date of your sale and/or purchase.

For more information, contact All-Purpose Realty at 1-844-520-5168 or view the national listings by clicking on the button below.

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Note: Not intended to solicit properties already listed and/or purchasers under an agency agreement.  This reward offer is not to be combined with any other All-Purpose Realty Reward offer.