Moving? Rakuten Exclusive Offer!


Welcome to Rakuten’s Mover Program

Moving is a major lifetime event with high stress levels and the largest investment of a lifetime. Rakuten is giving you an opportunity to earn cash back rewards from start to finish in the steps you take to move on to your dream home and we will be there throughout your journey.

How It Works

Real Estate

The first step normally taken by a member when moving is to view MLS listings to determine the value of their current home and values in their desired new neighbourhood. As part of the Rakuten Mover Program, we are introducing national MLS listings in Canada, which you can view by clicking on the button below. These listings are provided by Rakuten’s real estate partner All-Purpose Realty (APR), a national real estate referral service, with an agent network covering all communities in Canada with agents from all well-known brands. Their customer care centre will be your first point of contact and stay with you through your entire journey and will introduce you to an agent in the market you are buying or selling.

Listings are from the Canadian Real Estate Association and include all provinces except Quebec and Manitoba, although the real estate service is available in both provinces.

Members using this service will receive cash back rewards based on the value of the completed transaction with average rewards exceeding $4,000 per member file, when buying and selling. This is based on $25 per each $10,000 of completed real estate transaction value. A real estate reward calculator will appear beside each MLS listing.


APR will introduce you to a mortgage broker for your home purchase. The mortgage broker will be from a national mortgage firm with more than 30 financial institutions to work with and buying power because of their volume of mortgage referrals. Members using this mortgage broker service will receive cash back at the rate of $7 per each $10,000 increment of funded mortgage value. For example, for a $500,000 mortgage, the rebate would equal $350. A mortgage calculator will be beside each listing to calculate your affordability for a property being viewed, as well as a reward calculator to determine the cash back based on the mortgage value required.

Home Renovations, Household Goods Moving, Household Insurance and More!

The home buying cycle includes home renovations to prepare your home for a better return on investment and could include minor alterations or renovations to your new home with substantial cash rebates available when using Rakuten home renovation merchants and suppliers listed in the side bar beside each MLS listing.

When moving, there are many considerations including finding a mover to hire, or a truck rental, household insurance and telephone/cable service to be arranged, new furniture and even new appliances to purchase. Rakuten service providers are available every step of the way, but cash back varies by merchant. For member convenience, Rakuten merchants in these categories are listed beside each listing with a direct link to their site with Rakuten cash back rewards listed.

Reward potential is huge and no other reward program is as inclusive or rewarding!  This is the Rakuten advantage at its best.

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Not intended to solicit properties already listed and/or purchasers under an agency agreement. This reward offer is not to be combined with any other All-Purpose Realty Reward offer.