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Perkopolis Real Estate Offer

Welcome to Perkopolis Real Estate Rewards delivered by All-Purpose Realty Services Inc., a residential real estate brokerage that functions as a real estate agent referral service in Canada and has helped thousands of families with their home buying and selling requirements.

All-Purpose Realty has provided referral services in most communities in Canada and we work with real estate agents from well- known national, regional and local real estate organizations. We will introduce you to an agent based on your needs, whether the property is a condo, recreational, acreage, high or low end of the market. We make the introduction to the real estate agent and if you are satisfied and use the agent you will be entitled to Perkopolis Rewards once you have completed the transaction.

We assign a Personal Counselor to work with you through the process. If we introduce you to an agent that you are not happy with for any reason, we can refer you to another agent, provided you haven’t signed an agreement with the agent. You are not under any obligation to use the agent we initially refer, but we must make the introduction and referral to the agent for you to qualify for our rewards.

Whether you are moving across the street or the country, we are here to assist you. We can even be of assistance to company employees that have been given a lump sum for their relocation.

Here is how the program works:

  • Sell a home through a referred agent and receive a rebate of $25 for each $10,000 increment of your sale price. For example, sell a home for $300,000 and receive a rebate of $750.
  • Purchase a home through a referred agent and receive a rebate of $25 for each $10,000 increment of your purchase price. For example, purchase a home for $400,000 and receive a rebate of $1000.
  • Rebates will be paid within 30-45 days of your possession date, either as a direct deposit to your account or by cheque.

There are no limits on the reward amount.

To enroll in the program please complete the enrollment form below or to obtain more information call toll free at 1-844-835-PERK.

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