For life’s unique situations, Mortgage Alliance is there to help offer you the RightMortgage options and expert unbiased advice.

Introducing Affinity Group Members to Mortgage Alliance

For over 20 years, Mortgage Alliance has been connecting homebuyers with the right mortgages. As one of the largest independent mortgage brokerage companies in Canada, our brokers can provide you with the high level of expertise and outstanding service you expect while offering you even more choices on your mortgage.


Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or looking to move up, a Mortgage Alliance professional can show you the mortgage option that best meets your needs and makes the most financial sense for your situation.

When it comes to mortgage solutions, you have options!

Did you know that your mortgage renewal is your opportunity to renegotiate your mortgage and possibly save thousands? Automatically renewing your mortgage with your current lender could mean you don’t get the best mortgage rate and terms you may qualify for. Mortgage Alliance professionals can help you determine if it makes sense to switch your mortgage at renewal time or even refinance to consolidate debt or access funds.

Discover the broker advantage:

  • Access to multiple lenders with one application. We work with many lenders from major banks to lenders you can’t access on your own. 
  • Competitive rates to save you money. With access to great rates and finding you the right terms and the features that fit your situation, we can save you thousands over the life of your mortgage. It’s just one way we can get your mortgage working for you.
  • Unbiased advice. We work for you, not the lenders. Relying on the expertise of a mortgage professional is a smart move when it comes to finding a mortgage solution in today’s market.
  • Cost free service. Best of all, our services are at no cost to you! *OAC. Some restrictions apply.


Mortgage Alliance recently entered into an agreement with All-Purpose Realty to offer cashback rewards both on your mortgage financing and home purchase and sale. The mortgage offer is not available in Quebec. All-Purpose Realty is a licensed real estate brokerage operating as a real estate referral service utilizing agents for a national network of realtors from well-known brands. All-Purpose Realty would be the first point of contact for Affinity Group Members to qualify for rewards on both completed real estate transactions and funded mortgages. 

Details of the Cashback Reward Offer 

  • The Mortgage Alliance cashback offer is a Mortgage Alliance corporate office program offered only through All-Purpose Realty and not available when Affinity Group Members go directly to Mortgage Alliance brokers or broker offices. After registering through All-Purpose Realty and once your mortgage application is received through the Mortgage Alliance online application provided to you, your application will be forwarded to a Mortgage Alliance broker, who will then be your primary contact for your financing needs. All-Purpose Realty will not be involved in your mortgage financing, however the mortgage cashback offer is managed and fulfilled by All-Purpose Realty on behalf of Mortgage Alliance. The cashback reward on your funded mortgage through this program will be based at $7 for each $10,000 increment in the mortgage value. For example, on a $700,000 funded mortgage, the reward would be $490. Rewards will be sent to Affinity Group Members by All-Purpose Realty 30-45 days after the mortgage is funded and Mortgage Alliance has been paid by the lender. Some conditions may apply.
  • The All-Purpose Realty cashback reward is based on using a real estate agent that was referred and introduced by All-Purpose Realty from a well-known real estate firm in the area you are buying and/or selling. The reward is valued at $25 per each $10,000 increment of a completed real estate transaction. For example, on a $900,000 real estate transaction, the reward would be $2250. The real estate reward would be forwarded to you by all-Purpose Realty with 30-45 days of your possession date for the subject property.

The cashback rewards can add up with no cap on the rewards:

  • Sell a home for $1,000,000 receive $2,500
  • Buy a home for $1,250,00 receive $3,125
  • Fund a mortgage for $700,000 receive $490

Total Rewards:  $6,115  

The mortgage cashback reward offer is valid for mortgage applications received by June 30, 2023, that are successfully funded. Some restrictions may apply.

Note that while the mortgage and real estate offers are free standing offers and Affinity Group Members can choose to use one or both of the services to maximize cashback rewards, All-Purpose Realty remains your first point of contact for both cashback offers.


For the convenience of Affinity Group Members deciding to buy or sell a home and trying to determine their budget, we have included a national MLS data base. You can view property values in your current or desired neighbourhood, with a map under each property showing amenities in the new neighbourhood. Click on view listings below to take this next step. 

You can register for either the real estate or mortgage offer or both by calling 1-844-835-7375 or emailing [email protected] with your request. For real estate requirements, All-Purpose Realty will contact you directly and can take the next steps in introducing you to a real estate agent. For mortgage requirements, All-Purpose Realty will email you the mortgage application link to start the process directly with Mortgage Alliance.

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To register with All-Purpose Realty and the Affinity Group Real Estate and/or Mortgage Reward Benefit or for general enquiries, call (844) 835-7375. Please provide the name of our Affinity Group to qualify for the rewards.
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Are You Selling a Home?

We offer cash rebates for home sellers as well!

Note: Not intended to solicit properties already listed and/or purchasers under an agency agreement. This reward offer is not to be combined with any other All-Purpose Realty Reward offer.