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All-Purpose Realty is a licenced real estate brokerage operating as a real estate referral service utilizing top agents from a national network of REALTORS® from well-known real estate firms. The REALTORS® are vetted with quality standards in place. Home buyers and sellers using this real estate agent referral service will qualify for cash rewards.

All-Purpose Realty (APR) has helped thousands of families with their home selling and buying journey. We operate from a central customer service centre, where you will be greeted by a professional customer service representative. This representative will explain the program offer, introduce you to the real estate agent in the area you are selling and/or buying and be available to you through the journey to answer any questions or concerns you may have. All-Purpose Realty is your first point of contact for your home buying and selling and your gateway to other services related to your move, including virtual services for mortgage financing and legal assistance. Let us make the introduction to our mortgage broker and legal partners and from the comfort of your home you can arrange these services and with some financial benefits.

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Our mortgage brokerage offers their service Canada wide. You will qualify for more than going to a bank and per-approval is fast, as little as 20 minutes. Get budget clarity and buy with confidence. Join savvy home buyers as you compare thousands of mortgages in one-simple search. You will be able to strategize with your dedicated mortgage advisor by chat, email, or phone on your terms. Home buyers using this service will qualify for cash back rewards, when being introduced to the brokerage by All-Purpose Realty.  You can start the mortgage pre-approval process by calling 1-800-203-9494 and be provided with the link to deal directly with the mortgage brokerage. APR is not involved in the pre-approval process.

Our legal service is being provided by LawVo, a one stop shop for any legal needs, including initial consultation on your home sale and or purchase. They eliminate the need for in person meetings. This is a subscription-based service, with APR referred clients receiving a 3-month free trial. Subscribers have access to the LawVo Legal Assistance Helpline, with access to specialized lawyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions and offer guidance.  In addition to real estate, you will have access to customized documents, such as wills, leases and more.  Need a lawyer for your home sale and purchase closing? Virtual service is provided by a lawyer in your province and fees are quoted on-line. APR referred clients in Ontario will receive a $100 discount that will be deducted from your home sale and or purchase closing fees, when coming through our LawVo link at https://lawvo.com/all-purposerealty/.

real estate rewards program


Home buyers and/or sellers using the All-Purpose Realty real estate referral service will receive cash rewards based on the real estate transaction value. The reward is $25 for each $10,000 increment of completed real estate transaction value. For example, sell a home for $800,000 and receive $2000. Purchase a home for $900,000 and receive $2250. Cash rewards will be sent to you directly by All-Purpose Realty between 30-45 days of the possession date of the subject property.

Home buyers using the referred mortgage brokerage will receive cash back on the funded mortgage value at the rate of $10 per each $10,000 in increment in the funded mortgage. For example, on a $500,000 mortgage, the rebate is $500 and will be forwarded to you within 30-45 days of the funding.

Home buyers and sellers subscribing to the LawVo Legal Assistance Helpline coming through APR will receive a 3-month free trail. The subscription fee after 3 months is $9.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time. A credit card will be needed at the point of subscribing. For home buyers and sellers being referred to LawVo through our direct link to LawVo and requiring a lawyer for their home sale or purchase, will have the closing fees reduced by $100 at the point of sale. The $100 reduction applies to Ontario only.


In this site, we have provided a data base of Canadian MLS listings. This tool can be used to view properties listed in your current neighbourhood to get an idea of the value of your current home and to view properties and prices in your new neighbourhood. By clicking the View Listings button below, you will be taken to the MLS listings. There is a side bar beside each listing with the All-Purpose Realty contact information and a reward calculator to determine the cash rewards on a property of interest.

To register with All-Purpose Realty for the Real Estate Reward Benefit or for general enquiries for the mortgage or legal assistance services, you can reach All-Purpose Realty at 1-800-203-9494.

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We offer cash rebates for home sellers as well!

Note: Not intended to solicit properties already listed and/or purchasers under an agency agreement. This reward offer is not to be combined with any other All-Purpose Realty Reward offer.