All-Purpose Realty Services Home Purchase Information

The All-Purpose Realty referral network is made up of real estate agents who belong to local real estate boards and have full access to all properties for sale through their local board. Using an agent is much more effective than searching for properties on the internet, as many sites are limited to specific agents listings. Real estate agents can save you time and energy in your search for a new home.

Utilizing a purchasing agent rather than purchasing through the vendor’s agent makes good business sense. The purchasing agent is obligated to you not the vendor. They will thoroughly research the market and assist you with the purchasing negotiations, including researching recent sales of homes comparable to the one you are about to purchase.

The process we follow on a home purchase is to have a local agent contact you, from the area you are looking to buy. We will discuss the agents credentials with you, prior to making the referral. We would like you to complete the following questionnaire to provide background on your home purchase. This will assist the purchasing agent.

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