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An industry leader in the loyalty/benefit market in the real estate category. Now working with a virtual mortgage brokerage to simplify the home buying process and make your experience more rewarding!

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All-Purpose Realty is a licenced real estate brokerage operating as a real estate referral service utilizing agents from a national network of REALTORS® from well-known real estate firms. The REALTORS® are vetted with quality standards in place.

Endless Savings & More Members will qualify for Cash Rewards when they buy and/or sell a home using the services of a real estate agent introduced and referred by All-Purpose Realty.

All-Purpose Realty has helped thousands of families with their home selling and buying journey. We operate from a central customer service centre, where you will be greeted by a professional customer service representative. This representative will explain the program offer, introduce you to the real estate agent in the area you are selling and/or buying and be available to you through the journey to answer any questions or concerns you may have. All-Purpose Realty is your first point of contact.

Our success rate in matching members to the right real estate agent on the initial call is greater than 95%. If you are not happy with the referred agent, do not sign any documents and you will be under no obligation. In fact, All-Purpose Realty will inform the agent of your decision and refer another agent. The rewards are based on using the referred agent.

All-Purpose Realty recently entered into an agreement with Frank Mortgage, a virtual mortgage brokerage with the mission of being frank and up front with mortgage applicants and getting them a mortgage that meets their needs and not higher commissions for themselves. Not all mortgages are the same and it is not only about rate, but term and other factors. Frank mortgage is a one-stop shop where you can simply apply, and their algorithm will show you what multiple lenders have to offer. Their service is currently being offered in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and PEI with service in other provinces in the works.

Frank Mortgage is offering a special cashback reward to applicants when registering with All-Purpose Realty and then being referred to Frank Mortgage for their mortgage. All-Purpose Realty will provide mortgage applicants with a special link to the Frank mortgage website to complete a mortgage application. There will be a chat box for applicants to talk with experienced, knowledgeable mortgage agents to discuss their mortgage needs and be matched to  the mortgage option and lender best suited for your needs.

FSRA License #13204

real estate rewards program

The Cash Rewards

Endless Savings & More Members, families and friends using the All-Purpose Realty referral service will receive cash rewards based on the real estate transaction value. The reward is $25 for each $10,000 increment of completed real estate transactions. For example, sell a home for $800,000 and receive $2000. Purchase a home for $900,000 and receive $2250. Cash rewards will be sent to you directly by All-Purpose Realty between 30-45 days of the possession date of the subject property.

Endless Savings & More Members, families and friends registering for the Frank Mortgage service through All-Purpose Realty will receive cashback rewards based on the funded mortgage value. The mortgage reward will be $10 for each $10,000 increment of funded mortgage value. For example, the cashback reward on funding a $500,000 mortgage is $500. Mortgage cashback rewards will be sent directly to the Endless Savings & More Members  by All-Purpose Realty between 30-45 days of the mortgage being funded and Frank Mortgage being paid by the lender.

The cash rewards can add up and there is no cap on the reward amounts:

  • Sell a home for $1,000,000 and receive $2,500
  • Buy a home for $1,250,00 and receive $3,125
  • Fund a mortgage for $700,000 and receive $700

Total Rewards: $6325 


In this site, we have provided a data base of Canadian MLS listings. This tool can be used to view properties listed in your current neighbourhood to get an idea of the value of your current home and to view properties and prices in your new neighbourhood. By clicking the View Listings button below, you will be taken to the MLS listings. There is a side bar beside each listing with the All-Purpose Realty contact information and a reward calculator to determine the real estate cash rewards on a property of interest.

To register with All-Purpose Realty for the Endless Savings and More real estate reward benefit or for general enquiries, you can reach All-Purpose Realty at 1-800-203-9494.  Please identify yourself as an Endless Savings and More (ESM) customer to qualify for the rewards.

To get started with Frank Mortgage , register with All-Purpose Realty by calling 1-800-203-9494 or email All-Purpose Realty at [email protected]. If emailing, provide your name and identify yourself as an Endless Savings and More (ESM) customer to qualify for the mortgage reward benefit. All-Purpose Realty will then send you a direct link to the Frank Mortgage processing centre.

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To obtain more information call toll free at 1-800-203-9494
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Are You Selling a Home?

We offer cash rebates for home sellers as well!

Note: Not intended to solicit properties already listed and/or purchasers under an agency agreement. This reward offer is not to be combined with any other All-Purpose Realty Reward offer.